Work placements for students of Management and Production Engineering

During study-related placements, students build on skills learned in their respective fields of study at university. Experience has shown that especially placements undertaken before taking up studies can provide important basic knowledge of Management and Production Engineering that stands students in good stead when they start their university studies. Apart from being an enriching personal experience, such placements are also a help when deciding which subject to study. Experiences of the workplace and corporate social structures are important elements of an engineer’s qualifications. This also applies to the industrial placements undertaken towards the end of studies, during which students gain experience of working as engineers.

Students on the Bachelor’s study programs Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering are expected to complete a mandatory 8-week industrial placement before taking up their university studies. The preliminary internship should preferably be carried out in production companies. Alternatively, processes in the chemical industry or something similar can also be the subject of the internship. Dual vocational training in a metalworking or comparable profession counts toward the pre-study internship. Prospective students must provide proof of receiving a pre-studies placement when they submit their application for a study place to the Sekretariat for Students [Office for Student Affairs]. When applying for the BA program Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering, please see the page Applications and mandatory contents of pre-studies placements.

For Management and Production Engineering a full six-week pre-study internship (35-hour week, five-day week) is required, which should be completed before the beginning of the study for content and organizational reasons. The availability of an internship is to be proven with the enrollment at the secretariat for students with an internship contract of the internship company. They do not need to undertake an industrial placement until enrolling on the master’s study program Management and Production Engineering. When applying for the BA program Management and Production Engineering, please see the page Applications under the study program BA Management and Production Engineering and the Placement Regulations for details of the mandatory contents of pre-studies placements.

Students on the bachelor’s study program Systems Engineering complete a ten-week industrial placement. You can find the relevant information in the Placements Regulations according to BPO2015. For students from winter semester 22/23, the following Placements Regulations according to BPO2022 apply. It is not necessary to complete a pre-studies placement before applying to study BA Systems Engineering. When applying for the BA Systems Engineering program, please see the page Applications under the study program BA Systems Engineering.

Please address any questions concerning student placements in the context of the different study programs to the Praxisbüro [placements office]:

Ansprechpartner: Björn Schröder (Praxisbüro)
Phone: 0421-218 64785
Consultation hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Building FZB, room 2230
Badgasteiner Str. 1
D- 28359 Bremen

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