Dear students in the Faculty of Production Engineering, at this point, the department management, the examination offices and the study center will answer your department-specific questions about dealing with the corona virus (COVID-19). Please inform yourself regularly about the current status. Thank you for your willingness to cooperate and your understanding.

Questions and answers from the faculty of production engineering: www.fb4.uni-bremen.de/FAQ_corona.html
Questions and answers for enrollment and freshmen in 2020/21: www.fb4.uni-bremen.de/FAQ_erstsemester.html
Informations and FAQs from University of Bremen: www.uni-bremen.de/en/information-on-the-corona-pandemic

Application for the winter semester 20/21

If you were unable to complete an internship due to Corona protective measures, this condition does not apply and enrollment can also take place without proof of a previous internship. In this case, after enrolling, be sure to contact the internship officer of your degree program.

Bachelor and Master Theses

Please submit an application for an early start (digital and informal with reasons) to your responsible examination office so that the examination board can decide on an admission here. Please discuss with your supervisor in advance how the current situation can be ensured and enclose this for the examination board.

SuUB is currently working (as of July 2020) in an emergency mode. However, most services are limited. Current information can be found on the website of the SuUB

Basically yes, but due to the current situation we strongly advise that both the company and the supervisor agree in advance how to proceed if further measures are (or have to) be taken during the processing time.

Yes, research groups can allow this and create appropriate hygiene concepts. Please coordinate directly with the supervisor, under which conditions this is also possible.

In accordance with the Rector's urgent decision o March 23, a video-supported oral examination may take place, provided that all members of the Examination Commission agree to this procedure in written form (by e-mail) and the technical requirements are met. An identity check by presenting an identification document at the beginning of the examination is mandatory.

The registration can still be sent in digital form to the decentralized examination office of FB04 responsible for the respective course. All signatures of the examiners must be available on the form and the application must be submitted via a supervisor's university account.

In accordance with resolution no.9055 of the Academic Senate on December 16, 2020, the deadline for submission will be extended. In the case of a bachelor's or master's thesis whose processing period is wholly or partially between December 16, 2020 and January 11, 2021 or begins in this period, the submission period will be extended by one month. A further extension is possible upon justified individual application to the responsible examination board. If the nationwide lockdown is extended, a new decision will be made regarding an extension.

When submitting the thesis in printed form, the thesis can either be sent by post to the address of the examination office or thrown in the new, large black external mailbox at the main entrance of the FZB, for vocational training and space engineering the mailbox of the ITB Am Fallturm 1 next to entrance B. will. If it is not possible to submit it in printed form, please send the thesis as a PDF without password protection to the following addresses: wingptpa@uni-bremen.de or ptpa@uni-bremen.de or sysengpa@uni-bremen.de or spaceeng-pruefungsamt @ uni-bremen.de or baberbil-pruefungsamt@uni-bremen.de as well as in CC to both examiners (not in separate emails!)

Name the files as follows:
BA_Degreeprogram_Lastname_matriculationnumber (example: BA_Produktionstechnik_Mustermann_123456.pdf) or
MA_Fach_Nachname_Matrikelummer (example: MA_Produktionstechnik_Mustermann_123456.pdf)

The same rules apply to external theses as to other theses(see previous question)

Examinations in the last attempt

The Academic Senate of the University of Bremen has decided the following regulation for this case: §§ 21 "Deadlines for retaking exams" AT BPO and AT MPO are supplemented in paragraph 1 by the following sentence 5: "For the summer semester 2020 and the winter semester 2020/21, the deadline specified in sentence 1 will be interrupted." That means the deadline for the semester count will be interrupted if an examination is not started.

Yes, the teachers are required to develop solutions in consultation with the students. Please contact the lecturers by e-mail.


Until April 20, no examinations with compulsory attendance are held at the university. If you have to or want to take an oral examination earlier, please contact your examiners with a short explanation of your request. If the technical requirements are available and all members of the examination board agree in written form (e.g. by e-mail) to a video-based examination, an oral examination can take place.

No, the deadline for canceling exams was on 01/31/2021 and was not changed.

According to the decision of the Academic Senate of the University of Bremen, the following change results: §§21 "Deadlines for retaking exams" AT BPO and AT MPO are supplemented in section 1 by the following sentence 5: "For the summer semester 2020 and the winter semester 2020/21, the period mentioned in section 1 will be interrupted."

Plans for wintersemester

The beginning of the semester is still October 1st. The start of the courses has been postponed to November 2nd 2020. The end of the courses accordingly postpones to February 19, 2021.

The planning was based on a hybrid semester, which means that there should be digital courses as well as occasional face-to-face events under the given hygiene requirements. Due to the pandemic, the University of Bremen switched to digital mode. See also information for students: www.uni-bremen.de/informationen-zur-corona-pandemie/fragen-antworten/informationen-fuer-studierende

This depends on the current developments and the regulations of the respective partner universities. Please keep up to date with the International Office for current announcements and information Up to date.

In the current situation, laboratory events can only be offered to a limited extent. You can alternatively attend another event if this is urgently required. Please coordinate which courses are suitable for this with the course coordinators.

Application and transition to Master's program

Please take into account the information provided by the student secretariat (SfS) in the MOIN portal and on your letter of admission and in case of doubt, contact the SfS at master@uni-bremen.de

The documents must be submitted to the Secretariat for Students (SfS) two weeks after the start of the lecture. You can find constantly updated semester times here: https://www.uni-bremen.de/studium/starten-studieren/semesterzeiten

An application must be submitted for each semester in the application portal at https://moin.uni-bremen.de.

Based on the information available to us, practicable solutions for the university are currently being developed. After the decision, these will be published on the homepage. www.uni-bremen.de/corona


The regular deadline for re-enrollment for the summer semester is February 15th, for new enrollments the date stated in the notification of admission applies.

There should be no disadvantages for BAföG recipients. Please refer to the latest information at https://www.bafög.de

With the help of the VPN service of the Center for Networks (ZFN), authorized users can also access the library's restricted electronic resources from outside. A user account with the ZFN is required for users from the University of Bremen. More information can be found here.