Space Engineering

The aerospace is of outstanding importance for the public image and perception of the Hanseatic city Bremen – the city of aviation and space flight. The University of Bremen with its Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM) and the DLR Institute for Space Systems has become a worldwide renowned condensation point for space technology: for systems and subsystems (e.g. payloads and instruments) needed for Earth Observation Science, Telecommunication and Navigation. The novel master’s program in space engineering plays an important role in the further development of the Campus Bremen.

Following the present expertise in the area of space engineering and technology the executive committee of the faculty of production engineering (FB4) has agreed to apply for the establishment of a master’s program in space engineering.

The foreseen master’s program in space engineering is superior to generic aerospace studies offered by other universities. While the faculty of production engineering will host the interdisciplinary master’s studies, other faculties, such as the departments of physics, electrical engineering, mathematics, and computer science, support and complement the program. As a result, graduates from a variety of different areas will be able to choose to be trained to become experts in space engineering and related aeronautical fields.

Course Timetable

It is possible to start the studies every semester. Students are required to have English language skills (at least level C1) as well as German language skills (at least level B1) and to hold a bachelor degree in engineering, physics, mathematics, or techno-mathematics with 210 / 180 credit points to be admitted to the program. To complete the master’s degree, duration of 4 semesters is foreseen. The lectures and the master’s thesis language will be English. The total 120 credit points are divided to the starting semester (30 CP), compulsory modules (36 CP), compulsory elective modules (24 CP), and the master`s thesis (30 CP). The entry semester can be remitted for suitable Bachelor graduates with 210 CP.


The master’s program aims at preparing students for an assignment in aerospace industry. With the focus on state-of-the art technology, following the master’s program offers everything necessary to a successful professional career. In the compulsory modules, the knowledge gained in the respective Bachelor's degree will be solidified and complemented. The modules ‘Space Flight Theory’ and ‘Space Environment & Testing’ are designed to introduce the students to space engineering and lay the basis for the more advanced modules ‘Satellite Systems’ and ‘Subsystems’. A course given by the concurrent-engineering facility of the DLR-institute is planned. In the elective modules, applications of space engineering to specific satellite systems will be covered.

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Admission Requirements:For admission to a Master's program, the completion of studies at the Bachelor's level is required.

Application via:

Application deadline for the winter semester is 15 June, for the summer semester 15 January.

For the admission (application) from the winter semester 2020/21 the following applies: Since this is an "international" study program, the application deadlines are far ahead of those of the "other" master's programs: The application deadline for both Master's programs for the winter semester is April 30 and for the summer semester October 15 of the previous year. These application deadlines are for undergraduate and advanced students.